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Semantic Systems offers its full know how in the field of information systems, telecommunications and applications, which can assist you with the adaptation of your company's business processes to bring you in line with the fourth industrial revolution.

The end objective is to help a manufacturer become more competitive and get its business process in line with current and future market demands. "servitization" of manufactured products, custom client support services, global implementation and support markets, machinery and device connections...

To be the go to technological partner for manufacturers and to provide solutions that allow process improvements for their business through the use of information technologies.

Semantic System is a company working in the ICT industry, with a great deal of experience in the manufacturing and industrial sectors, specialising in the application of technology to improve industrial processes.

Each process and product is different, therefore, the identification of those areas of improvement (to be automated) is required. ICT and manufacturing technologies have to understand each other in order to achieve objectives, focussing the efforts in function of each business. This does not mean investigating future ways of working but applying improvements in our value chain now by implementing technology that is already available on the market.

Industry 4.0 information systems, applications and communications
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    Integrate the client into their value chain in order for them to interactively and graphically (2D-3D) define their requirements to automatically ascertain all the information - structures, processes, routes, prices, control guidelines, configuration and integration with machinery, OPC etc... - required to automate their manufacturing processes.

    To do this specific product knowledge and processes have to be represented on a platform that allows the information to interconnect (Semantic Systems Repcon® platform).

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    Semantic Systems has the knowledge, experience and technology to help integrate this network of varied applications, facilitating processes automation and the efficient collaboration between the different pieces of software and systems. We do this via the representation technology and knowledge automation required to coordinate all these components.

    Machinery, controllers and devices at the factory are monitored and managed via specific protocols and standards (OPC, Profinet, PLCopen...). At a higher level we have applications that manage the execution of manufacturing systems (MES...), which facilitate the correct operation and control of orders and resources at the plant by the direct workforce. At the higher level we have our business management orientated software solutions (ERP, CRM, SCM...), usually used by the indirect workforce.

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    Connect with clients and those involved in your process management, wherever it may be.

    Semantic Systems provides custom applications that are integrated within your management system which work via terminals such as smartphones or tablets that can be run from any location to carry out sales, manufacturing, installation, delivery and post sales support processes.

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    Semantic Systems ensures all your critical mission systems are available when needed.

    All industrial software should be implemented within an infrastructure that is accessible from any location via the complete logistics and manufacturing chain. Semantic Systems is specialised in hosting, administration, virtualisation, backup, communication and security of your applications and software systems.

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    Semantic Systems can be your technological partner to help you to define your security policies and design secure systems with different levels of confidentiality, availability and access required for each specific situation.

    The Internet opens the doors to the world but at the same time it can also leave us vulnerable to attacks which put at risk the security of our systems. The more we install software and communications into our devices, processes and products, the more the risk of attack increases.