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Repcon is a software platform developed by Semantic Systems

Repcon is a software platform developed by Semantic Systems that allows the representation of complex software as a network format, to execute high performance critical mission applications, to manage large volumes of data applying specific rules and to build high productivity tools for our clients

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This is a technology platform that allows web solutions development for businesses and organisations.

  • On demand


    From the Cloud, in other words, used and paid for under the software as a service format.

  • On site


    Software installed on client premises under the classic licence purchase format.


Focussing on architecture, engineering and development of the Repcon technology platform. We are in contact with the most important national and international research institutions, assisting with R&D projects (FP6, FP7, H2020...).

  • Product knowledge, processes and the organisation

    Allows the representation of product knowledge, processes and the organisation to enable the building of specific client business applications.

  • Different programming paradigms

    It integrates different programming paradigms: logic, interactive, object orientated, functional, declarative, those with restrictions...

  • Specific grammatical

    It allows a simple specific grammatical development to facilitate the putting into operation and maintenance.

  • Dataset infrastructure

    It includes various forms of persistence, it can work via memory, saving graphs in our dataset infrastructure or converting them into related database registries.

  • 3D engine

    It comes with a 3D engine to represent and visualise different geometries in order to provide the layouts with intelligence, integrating them into client models and data.

  • application logic is defined via business rules and processes

    Based on specific models, the application logic is defined via business rules and processes. Finally the required process outputs are defined: documents, structures, layouts, 3D, spreadsheets, web pages...

  • An efficient Rules engine

    It comes with an efficient rules engine that executes the Repcon declarative language based on logic and with a close resemblance to natural language in order for non I.T. users to define the system dynamic.

  • It includes an environment of execution

    It includes an environment of execution, roll out, development, testing and integrated filtering to execute any type of application using the Repcon architecture..

  • Dynamic

    The knowledge may be static or dynamic.

  • The development and integration of components

    It allows the development and integration of components in different programming languages: Java, C, C++, HTML5, Javascript....

  • W3C standards

    Repcon is based on and compatible with the W3C standards within the significant technological developments of both Semantic Web and Semantic Grid.


Multi-device software solutions

Multi-device software solutions. Designed in order to be used from any computer, tablet or mobile (responsive design).